Thursday, April 29, 2010

Raw(e) Red

My baby's favorite Red Shoes. I love them too as they bring smiles and excitement on her face!

On my sister's blog I saw the mention of Raw(e) Red linking carnival. I got inquisitive and went to the hosting link i.e. Sailor & Co to understand how to participate. After looking at all the amazing entries I decided to link with this post.

The rules are very simple. Take a photograph and post it unedited in the category of the week(Red for this week).

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday-Innocence avec Beauty

I saw the concept of wordless wednesday(WW) on my favorite mommy's blogs, and and now am a fan of it. They are my sisters blogs respectively. Although my wednesday is not entirely wordless as I had already posted a blog before I got aware of the 'visual blogosphere phenomenon'. So excuse me this wednesday! :)
Above is my contribution to WW!

Thanks to me, all RIGHT!

You're requested to read this light-heartedly and also not to arrive at any conclusions:)

I love my hubby and he is a great father:)

I felt a little something touching my cheeks, they were five of them, then they touched my nose, my forehead and then suddenly it was only two of them and ouch, they were plucking my lashes and then I heard the most beautiful word "Mumma"!

My baby! but what time is it, sweety? 7:00 AM. Please go back to sleep- I said this, more to myself than to her, but nah, once up is UP. I still felt a zombie, she kept waking up in the night as if to count the stars if they were the same in number or the moon wether he's still asleep...

She usually sleeps till 8 atleast and I don't mind if she greets morning before dawn, but today, just today I wanted that extra time too.

Let me see if daddy can help, although he slept late. I called out to him- no response. I called again and then I allowed Rida to go and sit on his tummy. He didn't stir(although he is a light sleeper). Fine! I got your point darling. And just to prove this point to him- a mother is a synonym of 'sacrifice' , I woke up in high spirits:P

I removed her soiled diaper and stretched my arms to reach to a fresh one stacked inside my bedside table drawer. It was all fine until Rida decided to put me to a test and challenge my reflxes and flexibility...she grabbed my glasses which was next to my pillow and was moving fast towards the edge of the bed.I stretched my leg to make a boundry and protect her from falling, and held out my other hand to take my glasses from her before she understand that they cannot stretch beyond a point and will eventually break!

Wow that was quick, I smiled in pride... only a little too soon. When I "gathered" myself, I experienced a slight pain on my left shoulder. A contraction of the first order!

Since then the day's been ALL RIGHT!

Monday, April 26, 2010

My Naughty Angel:)

Beautiful and unique are the ways of children's behavior. In teaching, we learn and in learning, we teach how selfless life can be if you learn to give and teach to share. My life surely is in raising Rida, but more precisely Rida is my Lifestyle!

This post covers few events, that occurs almost everyday with Rida. Yet, every event makes me smile and Thank God every day for sending this Angel into my life!

Rida Says:

I understand the language of Thank You- Ever since my girl started communicating, in those initial stages of infancy, graduating slowly to using words like "gee" to give I use the word 'thank you' when I want to take something from her that did not belong in her toy basket or, could be harmful to her. Ofcourse she just wouldn't hand it over to me without those mischievous smile or by pretending to give, stretching her hand out and quickly withdrawing to herself. But the fact is She knows! Say Thank you and I will give, else keep trying your luck. But you gotta wait!

I'll be the last to sleep! - These days she just wouldn't sleep without holding a toy. Preferably Doraemon. But thats not all. She expects me to call out to everyone in her toyland to go to sleep. I literally have to say "doraemon go to sleep", "dora go to sleep", "moon go to sleep" Pappy go to sleep" and if I forget horsy, she will make the sound of the horse 'tda' tda' tda' (she picked this sound when I played 'horsy and friends' with her) and remind me! The cutest part is when she looks at me as if to say 'are you sure mom you've called out everyone and they have all gone to sleep'?!!! :)
Now 'sleeping time' has become the second best time after 'foody time'.
Let me not tell you here what happens when she refuses to sleep.... *sigh*

Mumma says I cannot trouble Daddy! - Well, mumma actually never said this but is glad you know it. Mornings and weekends are the times when daddy runs a small show. Rida, brushing her teeth without turning the bathroom shelve upside down, getting oil massage done without any hesitation, playing with toys only not with crockery and crystals, changing clothes in one straight shot, and sleeping in no installments - does this all and makes her dad feel proud of himself! Please keep up the great work Hubby!
Of course as always there are times of refusal and absolute non-cooperation. But Help is always around the corner:)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Meet Rida's friends

Rida only plays with soft toys when mumma plays along with her, imitating them, making different sounds for different characters. Her favorite is "Pappy" the pink panther. Pappy is what Rida calls it . And her second favorite is the camel, she likes to play with it's ears and nose, ocassionally pull it's eyes too. Winnie the Pooh gets special attention only when he is alone:P

Hello! what's everyone waiting for? Is someone expected?

Ah, I see they are all waiting to welcome their Little Princess!
"Gather around everyone...let the party begin...!" :)

Smile my kiddie, it makes my day!

Moments during the day that further sparkles Ridu's twinkling eyes!

Ah! There lies the remote I can increase the volume of the T.V or change the channel or simply shut it down!

I love this pink bracelet...goes with almost all my dresses! I not the best spice available inside the kitchen drawer!

I simply love it here! Why can't mumma just leave me to play in the bucket whole day long!

Monday, April 19, 2010

The Wax Doll !!

This picture was taken sometime in December last year, when Rida was ten months old. What strikes me everytime I see it is her wax-like doll face...I cannot resist pulling her cheeks for real eachtime I see this picture! :)

That's Faraaz , her loving and caring "bai" (thats what she calls him meaning brother).

Thanks Doraemon:)

Sleep tight my love, till mumma clicks, upload and blog this for you! :)
I can only work on my laptop when rida is zzzzzz... I dont even try switching it on when she is awake...Dont wanna loose another key on my laptop keyboard! Next time she does I'll surely post it here for all to see!
BTW Daddy dear alllwayyyys manage to fix it and that too with a smile!!! :)

Rida's own coffee...

I love to watch my daughter play with her toys all by herself. She makes me smile at her innocence, her cuteness and all her beautiful traits.

I was having a cup of coffee when I noticed Rida "brewing" her own and quickly sipping it from her "cup"!
Her "yellow cup" even had a "red top" to cover it for later consumption! :))
My little girl is learning fast, MA! :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

A date with Pink Panther

Little Princess spend an evening entertaining her new friend--the Pink Panther! They played peek-a-boo with mum and dad and later had a long conversation, chit-chatting standing by the window!

preparing to play her fav game...



"I so agree with you...!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

beating the heat!

On a warm sunny afternoon, Rida refused to stay in the house, she was fresh, of the color of the daffodil and looking out of the window, she kept calling out her two favorite words::" Trveee" for tree and "Cow-Cow" for crow!

I took her to the balcony and gave her my shades.. I was a liitle surprised when i saw her wearing it on, and then I handed her a book that had loads of Trees and Crows and stripe animal and animals with long mane.

Little Miss Sunshine carried her water-bottle too. No chance she would let the heat spoil her perfect afternoon!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The go-getter!

My 'two little feet' will not rest until the thing she wants is the thing she gets!

A Colorful Affair!

Those were the intense 25 minutes in the life of my one year old girl! She came she saw and she conquered! Well just for my and her curiosity, I kept a paper, with a picture of a colorful umbrella drawn on it and a color pencil on the floor. The moment her eyes -which forever seeks something new, caught her attention she held the paper closer to her to see what "constructive" can be done from it, and lo! there lies the weapon too! I almost cried when my little angel held the color pencil in her tiny little fingers so perfectly well and painted and painted and painted!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Love connection:)

Well, my little Princess is just back from visiting her aunt, uncle and cousins in Dubai -
Chachi, Chachu, Pectu,whom she loved calling "baba" and
Zara didi who was a sweet "daaya" to her.
This is what she does when she misses them!