Saturday, March 3, 2012

Where was I...

My beautiful daughter, crawling ,taking baby steps, babbling with baby lingos at the time of my LAST post almost a year and half ago is NOW sitting next to be, cuddled up beside me, playing games on daddy's i-pad and asking me to show HER BLOG!

Rida is THREE years old on 27th Feb -last week. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

And now the next BIG news! Rida is now a sister of her cute little One year old baby brother!!!! Yes, I am now a mother of two beautiful children. Rida and RAYYAN!
Welcome here baby Rayyan!!!

Thats where I was busy at, making babies, they say teasingly *smiling* and yes also doing every possible thing to be the 'best mother' to my kids:)))

raisingrida will soon be merged with a common blog for both- Rida n Rayyan. I should have known!! ;) But now I do.

I am happy to be back:))